By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Risked His Life To Ride Down A Cliff… My Heart Pounded Just Watching.

Professional mountain biker Michal Kollbeck describes himself as a thrill-seeker. Because he's spends his days embroiled in an extreme sport, you'd think that a guy like Kollbeck would be totally chill about his latest ride down the White Line trail in Sedona, Arizona.

Well, you thought wrong. In fact, Kollbek described his experience as "one of the scariest things I have ever done on a bike."

Want to see the ride that made a daredevil weak in the knees? Check out the video below.

Kollbeck's feat was captured on film by a drone camera, which documents his slow and steady descent down the White Line. Kollbeck said that in order to prepare for his ride, he walked the trail a few times...which also seems kind of risky, no?

It's hard to imagine what must have been going on in his head, but then again, we don't really want to. Now that Kollbeck safe on the ground, we can simply be grateful that guys like him exist - they do all the crazy stuff so we don't have to.

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Source: Marshall Mullen