By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Guy In Purgatory Is Allowed To Ask ANY Question He Wants In Only One Minute.

Imagine if you could get all the answers to life's little mysteries, explained to you in about three minutes. The only catch? You have to die first.

That's the premise of this hilarious short film, starring characters Cody, the Girlfriend, and the Mysterious Man. Cody has died, and now before he enters into the afterlife he gets to have a short Q&A with the Mysterious Man, wherein he can get some answers to his most burning questions.

When you hear what they are, you'll realize that you've always wanted to know them, too (yes, you really do pee that much). Be warned, though: the hilarious conclusion of this video is a reminder that sometimes there is such a thing as hell on earth.

Source: Chris and Jack

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