Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

30 White Ink Tattoo Ideas That Are So Subtle Even Your Mom Won’t Hate Them.

Although tattoos are slowly becoming more and more accepted in today's society, it is still an acquired taste. Not everyone is a fan of the look, and some people prefer subtle tattoos or tattoos that can be easily hidden. Usually these people would opt for a tattoo on a body part that's not usually exposed. However, what tattoo is more subtle than a white tattoo?

Because it is hard for a person's skin to take white ink well, it usually leaves a very subtle tattoo that'll easily go unnoticed unless specifically looked at. Not only that, the white ink creates a very unique look that looks absolutely stunning when done correctly.

#1. A heart beat.

#2. White accents inside a Russian doll.

#3. Entwined snakes.

#4. Beautiful roses.

#5. A victorian styled design.

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