Krista Miranda

By Krista Miranda

LifeBuzz Staff

All The Residents Of This Alaskan Town Live In The Same Building.

Comfortable Accommodations

It's kind of hard to believe that all of the townspeople stay in one building, but do you think they're comfortable doing so? Each condo comes with one or two bedrooms and all of the other accommodations needed to live comfortably. All you really need to worry about is picking out one of the apartments!

Enough Space

HyruleanHero1988 was also able to get pictures of the living room in the condo. It really seems like each resident has just enough room. You really don't need much more space, do you? Well, I guess that depends on whether or not you live with your entire town.

Community Store

Luckily, the residents are able to visit the community store if they get too bored. There, they can purchase snacks while they rent a movie! Do you think they get new releases? Or what about Wi-Fi? Can't they just watch Netflix?


The residents of Whittier are all given a storage unit in the condo, as well. This way, if their belongings don't fit into the space that they're given, they don't have to get rid of their things. After all, a small condo is great if you're a frugal person, but not so much if you enjoy shopping. Fortunately, Whittier doesn't have enough stores to make that an issue.


They even have a school for the children right behind their condo. Erika Thompson, the school's teacher, is accustomed to living in close proximity to all of her students. “For me, it’s just home. For the most part, you know everybody. It’s a community under one roof," said Erika.

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