By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Two Sisters Took A Selfie With Their Mom… But Can You Tell Which One Is Mom?

At first glance, the photo below looks like a typical selfie: Three friends,, showing off their stunning visages for an Instagram snap. Only, it's actually not a photo of three friends: It's two twin sisters, and their amazingly youthful mother.

The only trouble is figuring out who's who.

When Kaylan Mahomes posted a selfie with her twin, Kyla and their mother, social media was in a frenzy because everyone was totally confused. They claim to be mother and daughters, but weren't they really more like triplets? Maybe an aunt and her two nieces? And if it is a mom and her twin girls, how can you possibly tell which one is which?

Check out the photo below: Can you find mom?

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If you're stumped, we'll help you out: She's the one on the left, and we're just as surprised as you are. Looking good, mom.

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