By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Here’s How To Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal With A Beer Can… It’s So Simple.

Although internet providers promise their service covers practically every nook in the house, there are always areas that just cannot get any coverage. Moving the router around and walking through the house to find the best reception is just time consuming and ineffective.

YouTube vlogger Rich Joyce aka Life of the Rich has come up with a cheap DIY to get a broader WiFi range. According to the handyman only four things are required to make this work; razor, scissors, tape, and a can of beer. The best part of this project is that in order to use the can, it has to be emptied out first by drinking it.

You’ll definitely want to share this video with friends and family. You can even volunteer to be the person who will make the sacrifice to drink the beer for the purpose of getting more WiFi coverage. All for the sake of technology.

Source: Life of the Rich