This Cat Sits Like A Human, And The Photos Are Freakishly Weird.

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When a New York City couple decided to get a cat, they browsed listings for adoptable felines until they could find one that felt like a good match. Eventually, they found a posting (on Reddit, of all places) for Wilbur.

"In the post, the Redditor (now our friend Emma) explained that they had found Wilbur in her backyard in Brooklyn," one half of the couple wrote on Reddit. "Grant half jokingly commented, 'hey, if you can't find his owner, I might be willing to take him.'"

And the rest was history -- they brought Wilbur home to join their family. It was only then that they learned that he wasn't like the other cats. Wilbur has a very particular skill.

He's sweet-tempered and curious, like most cats.


He also loves lounging around the house in a maximally relaxed position.


But when Wilbur gets up, he does something peculiar.


That's right: He sits like this.


Who knows: Wilbur just might be a little person, trapped in cat's body -- or maybe he just wants to emulate his new family as much as possible.


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