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Can You Spot The Invisible Animals Hiding In These 23 Photos? Most People Can’t!

Art Wolfe has spent the last 35 years of his career doing something that most of us can only dream of: Traveling the world, documenting the gorgeous wildlife that each part of it has to offer.

According to Wolfe, he has traveled through every continent in pursuit of subjects, particularly for a series of images called "Vanishing Act" that dates back to the eighties. In the photos, Wolfe captures animals hiding in plane sight -- often almost completely invisible to the naked eye.

"Throughout my career as a nature photographer, I have challenged myself to present new perspectives on well-documented subjects," Wolfe said in an interview. "Like most of my projects this collection has been a long time in the making"

Check out the fruits of his multi-decade labor below.

Can you spot the willow ptarmigan? Found in Manitoba, these animals fool predators with their white coats.

Another white-tailed ptarmigan hiding itself in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

A giraffe in Transvaal, South Africa was captured hiding by legendary wildlife photographer Art Wolfe, who is responsible for all the photos on this incredible list.

Try to find this wolf, peeking out from the trees in a Montana forest.

Here, a spectacled caiman in Venezuela hangs out in the foliage -- can you spot him>

Great Horned Owls use color in their feathers to disappear when they need to.

An American Pika performs a vanishing act in the Cascade Range of Washington.

Here, a Mealy or Blue-crowned parrot disappears like just another leaf in Belize.

In Namibia, a horned adder matches the color of the sand, burying itself in a swimming motion.

In South Africa, a leopard conceals itself in the vegetation.

A gyrfalcon taking a breather at their nest built on a cliff.

A California Ground Squirrel blends in with the surrounding rocks.

Here, a Great Gray Owl positions camouflages in Oregon.

In Rajasthan, India, a male spotted deer disappears amongst the vegetation.

On Honshu Island, Japan, a family of Japanese Macaques disappear amid the rocks.

An impala hiding in vegetation in Botswana's Chobe National Park, Africa.

Can you spot the hidden cheetah cub in the Kalahari Desert?

A Common Snipe, well hidden in the shoreline vegetation of a Minnesota stream.

According to Wolfe, finding animals like this tattler chick, who often hide in plain sight, can take hours.

A nighthawk rests on rocks -- and happens to blend in completely.

In Washington state, a coyote camouflages itself in the surrounding brush.

Two Klipspringers camouflaged against a rocky outcrop in Chobe, Botswana.

A well-concealed blue dacnis rests and hides in the foliage, somewhere in Panama.

And finally, the man behind it all: This is Art Wolfe, the man with over three decades of travel and wildlife photography under his belt. Wouldn't a career like his be amazing?

You can see more of Wolfe's photography on his website and Facebook.

Source: Daily Mail