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He Climbed Everest In Shorts By Using A Trick That, Literally, Changes Your Body.

Wim Hof is a 57-year-old daredevil from the Netherlands who can accomplish things that no other human being can. When you hear the term daredevil you think of people who jump off of buildings or get into car crashes purposely while filming movies or just seeking out attention from the public. Hof is a different kind of daredevil. He certainly puts his life in danger but he does it mostly in extreme cold. He forgoes a jump from a building or a purposely caused car accident for a tub of ice.

Being submerged in a tub of ice longer than anyone else is only one of his feats, however. Hof is the current holder of twenty world records. His self-taught breathing technique apparently doesn’t allow his body temperature to drop like the normal human being, and he is able to withstand extremely cold temperature for unbelievable amounts of time.

In 2012, he was featured on a television show called Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. He was matched up against a guy named Austin and they each sat in a tank filled with ice for twenty minutes. When Austin got out of the tank, it was revealed that his body temperature was four degrees Celsius. During the same time, Hof’s body temperature and heart rate remained completely unchanged. He actually stayed in the tank for about ninety minutes.

It’s completely amazing the things that he can get his body to do and he goes into pretty good detail in the video below. Grab a coat because you’re going to get cold just watching the video!

Hof climbs mountains dressed like some people go to the store

He climbed Mount Everest wearing only shorts and sandals in 2007.

He can withstand extremely cold temperatures for long periods of time.

He once stayed in a tub of ice for nearly ninety minutes on a television show.

He can withstand extremely cold temperatures for long periods of time.

Just another day at the office for Hof.

Most of us would brush off the snow immediately because of the cold. For Hof, it's just part of his daily routine.

Yes, he is barefoot and shirtless!

Hof says that his breathing technique allows him to "turn his own thermostat up."

Not your typical bath.

In 2010, he broke his own record in Tokyo by standing in a tub of ice, fully submerged, for 104 minutes.

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