By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

This Guy Steps Into A Wind Tunnel, What Follows Is Nothing Short Of Amazing.

It is difficult to impress and be impressed in a day and age when we have literally "seen it all." The Wind Games, however, is a truly innovative and exciting competition. The games are based on the concept of indoor skydiving.

Teams compete in a wind tunnel, a facility where continuous adjustable vertical air flow is generated. Previous models for research and scientific use have been conducted with horizontal air flow, but this vertical model enables competitors (also called "flyers") to recreate the feeling of freefall. Highly qualified instructors are on site at all times to ensure safety.

There are multiple wind tunnels across Europe, but Windoor, Empuriabrava, is the only one fit for civil use in Spain, where the third edition of the Wind Games were held on January 22-23. It doesn't look like there's any slowing down for this new sport. Similar projects are scheduled for construction in Barcelona, Bilbao, and Madrid.

Watch this captivating performance by a flyer from Team Leofreestyle (Russia) here:

To learn more about the event and facilities, visit the Windoor Realfly website.

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