Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

24 Gadgets That Every Wine Lover Needs To Know About.

Do you consider yourself a wine lover? A wine enthusiast? Or do you know someone who is all of the following?

You spend each of your birthdays at a fancy wine tasting. Your go-to drink after a day of long work is a glass of wine. You order a bottle of wine every time you're dining out.

Whether you are the wine-o, or you know someone who is; buying yourself or another person a bottle of wine every birthday and/or Christmas is boring. Here's a list of suggested items every wine lover will love.

#1. Confuse your drunk friends with an upside down wine glass.

#2. Kitty markers to mark which wine glass is yours.

#3. Merlot infused coffee so you can have a bit of wine in your coffee.

#4. A skull bottle stopper to top off your wine bottle in style.

#5. A mustache that not only opens bottles but also screws your corks.

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