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Woman Performed Surgery On Butterfly With Broken Wing, Next Day It Surprised Her.

You probably assumed that once a butterfly lost its wing or part of it, it was all over for the poor little guy. Heck, we'd always assumed that there was literally nothing anyone could do to fix them. As a matter of fact, many people assume that butterflies only live for a few days at most. And while Monarch butterflies have a short lifespan, they can survive anywhere from 2 weeks to up to 5 months! That is if they manage not to injure themselves, as this poor little creature did. Fortunately, Imgur user dressgirl200 was there to lend a helping hand.

Romy McCloskey, who is dressgirl200 on Reddit, realized this butterfly was on the brink of death.

It desperately needed help. Luckily, she had fell into raising butterflies by accident, so she did exactly what needed to be done. Romy decided to turn her house into an operating room. But she needed an entire set of devices and tools to operate on this poor helpless little guy.

She used run-of-the-mill household items to perform the surgery.

All her years of expertise prepared her for this very moment. She was now about to perform quite an intricate procedure, giving the butterfly the wing transplant it desperately needed. Then she took to Imgur to post photos of the entire process.

Butterflies had always had a special meaning in her life.

Romy's mother, who has passed away, told Romy that whenever she saw a butterfly, she should "know that I’m there with you, and that I love you.'” Now, this three-day-old beautiful boy needed her help. The butterfly was born with torn wings.

The operation wasn't easy, as it required a set of miniature tools that would allow her to come in contact with its fragile wings without hurting him even further.

She used a towel, some contact cement, a toothpick, cotton swab, tweezers, talc powder, wire hanger, and scissors. Then it was time to perform the transplant. Unfortunately, one of her little butterflies had died a few days before, so she used her wing to give this little guy a second chance.

She secured the butterfly first, and then began cutting away any parts that were damaged.

But if you're wondering if this hurts them at all, you don't need to worry. As a matter of fact, cutting the damaged parts away kind of feels like when you cut your fingernails or your hair. So the butterfly was pretty safe in her patient, steady hands.

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