By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Cat Who Sticks His Paws In The Air Has Everyone Wondering Why?

If you're a pet owner, you know that part of the process of getting to know your pet is learning all about their little quirks. Maybe your dog likes to bark at the sofa, or your cat prefers the company of a roll of toilet paper above all.

Whatever their strange proclivities, perhaps no pet quirk is more entertaining than this cat's, who simply can't seem to keep his paws out of the air. There's no telling what's going through his mind when he makes his big move, but one thing is certain: It's guaranteed to make you laugh.

Perhaps he thinks he just won big?

Or maybe he thinks you're a cop, and the jig is up.

This could be his daily sun salutation.

And there's a chance this is is his way of getting you to notice him.

It might be him trying to signal a situation that his owner will never quite understand.

Or maybe, just maybe it's his way of saying hello.

Source: kirakittykatt