Subversive Canadians Are Tying Jackets To Street Poles… And They’re NOT Saying Sorry.

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In the true spirit of Thanksgiving - giving back when you are able - Tara Smith-Atkins of Caledonia, Nova Scotia, worked together with eight children to provide warm clothing for the homeless in Downtown Halifax. The group tied coats, mittens, scarves and other winter necessities onto street poles throughout the city.

Smith-Atkins collects coat donations from her community annually, but enlisted the help of Facebook this year. She told CBC that the children learned the importance of what they were doing. Although they were completely bundled up, they complained about how cold it was!

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Tara-Smith Atkins was overwhelmed by the amount of poverty and homelessness in the city.

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In response, she set out on a heartwarming project to provide winter clothing for those in need.

Tara Smith-Atkins

It also doubled as a learning experience for the children involved.

Tara Smith-Atkins

Though decked out in winter gear, they were "crying for the heater."

Tara Smith-Atkins

These kids learned just how lucky they were.

Tara Smith-Atkins

Thanks to this group as well as donations from the community, fashionable poles are out now in Downtown Halifax.


Smith-Atkins already has plans to add $5 fast food gift cards with each coat next year.

Tara Smith-Atkins

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