Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

This Wire Nail Manicure Is The Latest Trend, But Will It Snag Your Sweater?

New beauty trends are being created every single day and it can be hard to keep up. With all the new beauty gurus around the world and the passion for DIY emerging, new inventive trends are always on the uprising.

Nail art is just one category of the many beauty trends. And within nail art, there's so many styles you can choose from. Some of the cool and recent ones are crackle nails, chrome nails, and even holographic nails.

Well today we bring you another new and unique style: wire nails. The trend was created by Eun Kyung Park, a manicurist in Seoul, Korea.

It's a simple look, but when executed correctly it'll look subtly elegant. And trust us, applying the wires to your nails isn't that easy to do.

Nonetheless, replicating these simple looks only requires clear nail polish and golden wire. After you have those materials, the design is limitless and is in your hands!

Some people outline the wire around their nails. Others like to line it just at the top of the nail similar to a French manicure.

The wire can also be manipulated into cool abstract designs. Like we said, the design possibilities are endless. All it takes is some creative thinking.

A particular style that's both simple and elegant is the "cuticle cuff." It outlines the cuticle and ultimately can enhance a solid colored manicure.

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