Lisa Be

By Lisa Be

LifeBuzz Staff

An Old Donkey Was Thrown Into A Cage With A Wolf As A Live Meal And The Unthinkable Happened.

In the village of Patok, Albania, a wolf was captured and was being kept in a cage. To feed the wild animal, his cruel captor decided to put an old donkey, who had been exploited for most of his life and was now considered worthless, into the pen thinking the wolf would kill it and devour it. Instead, the wolf and donkey got along peacefully and became close companions.

Soon, word spread throughout the village about the wolf and the donkey, and the media got a hold of the story. 12,000 people wrote to the government of Albania and petitioned to set the two animals free. The story was broadcast on Albanian television and after pressure from the public, the wolf and the donkey were set free.

The donkey is happily spending the rest of his life on a green pasture and the wolf stops by sometimes to see him! Friendship is a true blessing!

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