By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Women Cuddling A MASSIVE Wombat Are The Luckiest Women In The World.

For some of us, the prospect of a 29th birthday looms large: What have I done with my life? Why are there wrinkles when there were no wrinkles before? How is it possible that I only have one more year until 30?

For Patrick the Wombat, 29 is a reason to celebrate. As the world's largest and oldest wombat, Patrick is focused on living his life like it's golden.

Weighing in at about 88 pounds, Patrick got the nickname "Fat Pat from Ballarat"- the name of the wildlife zoo he lives in, located in southeastern Australian. Years ago, zookeepers tried to reintroduce Patrick into the wild, but he didn't fare well on his own and returned to the relaxing, all-inclusive lifestyle of the zoo. Because he's lived almost his entire life in captivity, Patrick is incredibly gentle in spite of his size - in fact, he actually seems to enjoy being hugged and cuddled by the zookeepers.

Check out the photos of Patrick, in all of his 29 years of glory, below.