By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Her Provocative Paintings Challenge The Way Women Are Shamed For Comfort Eating.

As women, we have a complicated relationship with food. If you eat too much, you’re labelled as having no self-control and being overly indulgent. On the other hand, someone who does not have a big appetite may be accused of dieting or binge-eating behind closed doors. It feels like it’s a battle that cannot be won. Lee Price recognizes the struggle.

The New York-based artist has turned the association of eating into artistic self-portraits. The setting is eating privately: in bed, in the bathtub or bathroom floor. Her food choices are often rich in calories like McDonald's burgers or cupcakes and chips.

Her goal is not to shame nor criticize with her hyperrealistic paintings. "My paintings, I hope, point the viewer toward asking what we are truly hungry for, and what might be a healthier way of expressing that hunger, and seeking out its satiation," says Price.

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