Krista Miranda

By Krista Miranda

LifeBuzz Staff

20 Funny Examples That Show How Different Men And Women Are.

It's quite clear that men and women see the world in entirely different ways. Now, sometimes this can be the cause of infinite frustration and countless arguments, but it can also be the source of memorable laughter. Keep scrolling to see some great examples of how different men and women are and the hilarious reasons why we keep each other around.

Her man came to cheer her up while she was giving birth.

But at least he can say he was there and he never left the room.

“My wife asked me what color I liked the most.”

If this ever happens to you just pause a few moments to appear as if you are really trying to make a decision then chose any one of them. You can't go wrong.

“My girlfriend asked what the ’no’ on this switch meant.”

If that's not a facepalm moment I don't know what is.

“I asked my bf to grab lettuce on his way home.”

Unfortunately, this man bought some cabbage. Instead of a nice head of lettuce to use for her salad, she'll have to make some coleslaw with that head of cabbage.

"When you finally understand how to use your girlfriend’s stuff."

Instead of being clueless, this guy chose to be innovative with his girlfriend's belongings. Honestly, who doesn't need an ice cream cone holder in their bathroom?

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