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24 Photos Of Women’s Struggles That Men Will Never Understand.

Ladies and men think very differently. Not only do they think differently, they experience very different everyday struggles. Women have menstrual cycles, men do not. Women typically apply cosmetics and care for certain makeup products, men do not. Women grow their hair out long, men typically do not.

A woman can scream in typically stressing and/or frustrating situation only a woman would understand and a man will look at her in confusion. Although there are a few situations where both genders would equally stress out, these ones are kind of one-sided.

Check out the photos below displaying struggles that only women would understand. Some of them are actually kind of funny when you think about it but unfortunately they're all devastatingly true.

#1. Long Nails

When you've finally grown your nails to the long length you desire or get a fresh acrylic set and hope that your nails won't crack while doing the simplest of tasks.

#2. Brow Tutorials

When you attempt to follow a step-by-step eyebrow tutorial and it doesn't come out the same or one eyebrow comes out perfect while the other not so much.

Brow Tutorials

#3. Broken Heel

When one of the heels on your favorite pair of shoes break on you. And what's even worse, when you find out the store has discontinued making them.

Broken Heel

#4. Retail Prices

When you're sick of your wardrobe and ready for some new clothes but realize you can't afford it.

Retail Prices

#5. Fresh Manicure

When you just got your nails done and you have to patiently wait before you can do ANYTHING and we mean ANYTHING. You can't even use the restroom.

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