By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Watch 100 Years Of Women’s Fitness In 1:41… My Favorite Was The 1950s.

Alright, ladies: If we briefly ignore the fact that in the last century, there has always been some type of industry that profits tremendously off of making women feel the need to fit beauty and body ideals, then we can look at this video with a more forgiving eye.

In fact, we can even see how the progression of fit fads have gone from meek and modest - like the gentle stretches of the early 1900's- to tough and fast-paced - like the Zumba trends of today - and we can feel awesomely badass for how much tougher and bolder our fitness routines have gotten.

Here, you can see the most popular fitness trends over the decades, condensed into one short video. Even if you're the kind of chick who hates exercise (there are plenty of us in every generation), after watching this video you just might want to get moving.

Source: benenden health