By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

She Found A Piece Of Wood And Made The Coolest Present Ever.

It's 2015, and we've all entered into an age of cords and chargers. Seriously, look around your house: How many rooms have electronics charging in them? How many cords are hanging off of tabletops? There's usually at least a few, and eventually, they start to look a bit unsightly.

That's why we love this awesome DIY so much: It's what we call a "statement charger," fully capable of charging a smartphone, but also looking like a piece of chic decor. The person responsible made it for her boyfriend's birthday, and truthfully, it's a gift we'd all love to receive. See how she did it below.

She found the perfect piece of wood at her boyfriend's parents house.

The first step it to peel back the bark and make sure the wood isn't rotten.

Luckily, this piece was in good shape.

Now, it's time to get all of the bark off - every last inch of it.

Then, she used a hand sander to get the piece nice and smooth.

She finished with a 220 grit sander to smooth the entire thing to perfection.

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