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26 DIY Projects That Will Turn Old Wooden Pallets Into Unique Pieces Of Furniture.

Thanks to websites like Etsy and Pinterest, repurposing household items has become all the rage. With budgets tighter and interest in recycling at an all-time high, people are using what they already have to create something new - and sometimes, the results are really impressive.

The wooden shipping pallet is probably the most versatile item in the world of DIYs. Pallets can be deconstructed, nailed together, painted, and stacked, and if you're creative enough, you can come up with a way to use them to make just about anything. Check out the 26 pallet creations below - #19 is both gorgeous and functional.

#1. A rack for pots and pans

By cutting a pallet, mounting it to the wall, and adding hooks, you can create some most excellent storage for your kitchen.

A rack for pots and pans

#2. Outdoor chaise lounges

By using four pallets, you can create an amazing chaise lounge for your back yard. Two stacked pallets create the base, and two create the back. The parts are attached by 2X4s and then painted. This cool DIY will have you sitting pretty in no time.

#3. A pallet swing

A perfect place to hang out and chat with your pal...let. See what we did there?

#4. An at-home wine bar

Using two pieces of a pallet, you can line your walls with fine wine and slick glassware.

An at-home wine bar

#5. A baby gate

Prevent your toddler from climbing where they're not supposed to by using a pallet as a gate.

#6. An outdoor table

By putting two pallets together and then topping them with a slab of concrete (or even a waterproof butcher block), you can give your outdoor space a facelift.

#7. Storage bed

This all-pallet bed not only looks great, but creates a lot of storage for small bedrooms as well.

Storage bed

#8. Home theater seats

By stacking pallets and adding chic cushions and pillows, you can create a movable home theater space in your living room.

Home theater seats

#9. An indoor playhouse

Kids will love this pallet fort that you can build in virtually any bedroom. Just make sure the entire structure is sanded to prevent little injuries.

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