By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

26 DIY Projects That Will Turn Old Wooden Pallets Into Unique Pieces Of Furniture.

#19. A pallet sofa

It's more comfortable than it sounds - build the couch frame and add some customized cushions for an interesting couch that is solid and comfortable.

A pallet sofa

#20. A pallet dinner table

The condiment and wine rack takes the awesomeness of this dinner table to the next level.

A pallet dinner table

#21. A pallet hutch

It's a more complicated build, but the final result is a shabby-chic hutch that looks like it was antiqued.

A pallet hutch

#22. A children's teepee

Pallet boards can be reconstructed into a sweet outdoor playhouse for kids.

#23. An innovative greenhouse

Create a warm space for your delicate plants by using pallets to build walls and then using a pane of glass to create the top.

#24. A pallet room divider

A perfect way to split a large open area into two smaller rooms.

A pallet room divider

#25. A pallet bookshelf

The slats in a pallet make an excellent place to build perpendicular shelves to store magazines and books.

#26. A pallet shelf & rack

Pallets are quite strong, so if you're in an apartment with limited space, this hybrid bookshelf/bike rack might be a perfect solution.

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