By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

These Statues Are Amazingly Lifelike… You’ll Never Guess What They’re Made Of.

When you think about art made out of wood, you may likely visualize something earthy and very close to its natural form with a heavy varnish or smoothed out to resemble an abstract piece. Then again, we may think back to our time in shop class where we made wooden cars that looked more like a crude lesson in geometry than the ultra sleek and sexy visions that served as inspiration.

Now imagine an artist, so incredibly gifted that his art work teases the eye and makes you swear you are looking at something carved out of clay. That’s exactly what Italian-born Peter Demetz is able to achieve with the genius of his hands.

The hand-carved wooden creations are so highly and exquisitely detailed, whether it be the folds and wrinkles of a pair of jeans to the dimples on the back of a woman, that one cannot help but ask if these pieces are really wooden. These amazing figures vary in size from 20 to 50 inches in height and showcased within a very simple and often muted colour background to add an even more mysterious allure to the finished product.

Demetz’s creations give a feeling of dropping in on or interrupting the characters in a moment of thought, conversation or reflection.

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