By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Photographer Captures The Mystery Of The World’s Most Amazing Doors.

André Vicente Gonçalves has an obsession with doors. The Portuguese photographers sees more than just a panel people use to close or open their home. Gonçalves appreciates the color and architecture that goes into the exterior. A door can allure and seduce a stranger to wonder what’s inside.

In his series, Doors of the World, Gonçalves highlights how, “it’s all the details that makes the buildings so charismatic.” In his quest to capture the most outstanding doors, the Lisbon-based shutterbug has photographed approximately 2,4000 doors. Gonçalves hopes to expand his travels to other countries and film more doors to add to his portfolio.

See more of Goncalves photography on his website and Instagram.

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Source: My Modern Met