By Keith

LifeBuzz Staff

The 15 Iconic Landmarks Look Stunning Until You Zoom Out… Then Everything Changes.

We've all seen grandiose pictures of the great wonders of the world. These pictures most often times show the landmark itself, but rarely do you get to see a glimpse of the surrounding atmosphere and environment.

Below are a series of photos of many famous landmarks. The first photo is the landmark itself... as you may be used to seeing it, and the picture following it captures the landmark along with its surrounding environment. When you see the 'entire picture,' some of these landmarks still seem to fit perfectly in their natural space, while others seem to have civilization knocking on their doorsteps.

Some of these famous landmarks are truly beautiful, whether they are the center of the photograph or if they are merely a part of their surroundings. Several of these are truly appalling to see them in their real setting. It is upsetting to see the deterioration or urbanization of the beautiful natural settings that I had in my minds eye for these glorious landmarks.

The Great Pyramids

Taj Mahal


The Brandenburg Gate

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