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This Looks Like An Ordinary Island, But Wait Till You See The Aerial Shots…

It might take months to travel around the world, but at The World Map in Denmark, you can do the entire thing in an afternoon. Made from soil, rocks, stones, and grass, this impressive map makes use of the natural landscape -- and more surprisingly, it's all the work of on man.

Søren Poulsen created the map after returning to Denmark from abroad. In his village of Klejtrup, he worked on systems for drainage in the surrounding meadows. When he found a stone shaped like the Nordic peninsula of Jutland, he was inspired to create an entire world map on the meadow lands. Over the course of 25 years, The World Map took shape.

The World Map sits on the banks of Lake Klejtrup, a stunning location for such an unusual man-made oddity.

Poulsen spent the last 25 years of his life building the map, creating as small world of his very own.

He built the entire thing with his own primitive tools and a wheelbarrow.

The world is demarcated by country flags, showing which country each area corresponds to.

The outline of The World Map was started by laying off massive stones in the lake to create the shape of the outline of various countries.

Over those 25 years, the shape of the map took recognizable shape.

The entire thing is built to accurate scale: One 111-kilometer degrees of latitude corresponds to 27 centimeters on the map.

Today, the map is one of the most popular attractions in this part of Denmark.

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Source: Amusing Planet