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If You Have $5 Million The Owners Of This Cruise Ship Might Let You Become A Resident.

Imagine, for a moment, what it would be like to live on top-of-the-line cruise ship. You could sail from port to port in the lap of luxury, only docking in glamorous seaside towns to bestow your posh elegance on envious locals. Well, if money is no object, you can totally make your bourgeoise-boat dreams come true.

The World is a luxury cruise ship that houses 165 condos, ranging in price from $825,000 to $7.3 million. The ship has four restaurants, bars, a grocery story, deli, fitness center, a tennis court, and swimming pool, among other lavish facilities.

Sound like your kind of fine-floating lifestyle? Get your finances in order: In order to be approved for a condo on The World, you have to prove that your net worth exceeds $5 million. If you're coming up short, don't worry - you can simply look at these photos and fantasize about your bank-breaking life at sea.


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