By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Couple Had A 500 Day Worldwide Honeymoon… How They Did It Is So Simple.

On average, most couples' honeymoons are 8 days long. For Mark and Camille Villaflor, their vacation turned into an epic 500 day adventure. Mark always dreamed of traveling the world and thought his honeymoon was the perfection occasion to do so.

It took a year to convince Camille to follow him on his originally planned 365-day journey but after working and saving for three years, the lovebirds “fired” their bosses and travelled the world. They have travelled to Asia, Africa, USA, Central, and South America.

Mark and Camille met at a church gathering in the Philippines.

To be able to see their desired locations, the two extended their vacation from 365 days to 500.

Mark, 30, and Camille, 28, found that money was not a concern, allowing for their trip to be extended.

Living on approximately $100 per day allowed them to make their dream a reality.

"We tried to budget daily understanding that more expensive days, like travel days and tour days, would be balanced out with days when we would be doing activities that cost us nothing, like city walks, hikes, market visits, and volunteer work," says Mark.

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