Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

20 Captivating Photos Of Worn Out Objects.

Time is like a predator that stalks its prey. Most people have or will experience the ravages of time. It can be slowed down, but sadly it can’t be stopped. Ironically, people aren’t the only victims. As it turns out, inanimate objects like floors, poles, and teddy bears will also wear down over time. Sometimes it takes a couple of months. In other cases, it can take decades, but everything will come to pass eventually. And it’s shocking to see just how badly time affects all of these objects. So, take a gander at these captivating photos. They’re truly unbelievable!

#1. These are the footprints of monk Hua Chi who made quite an impression at his monastery.

The monastery near Tongren in Qinghai province will always remember how dedicated Hua Chi was to his daily prayers. For almost 20 years, he prayed in the same spot, which left his footprints on the wooden floor.

#2. Here’s proof that the sun can seriously age your skin and you might never sunbathe ever again.

This man spent 28 years of his life driving around in a delivery truck. Notice how the side of the face that was exposed to the sun looks like it’s aged dramatically while the other half looks decades younger.

#3. Long ago, New York was one of the dirtiest cities on the East Coast and there was a reason for that.

The Northeast used coal plants to power the city, which led to massive deposits of coal in the buildings. It’s shocking that people could breathe in those days. But power washing restored the building’s original color.

#4. It looks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa isn’t just leaning, but rather melting from the inside.

Maybe tourists had way too much pizza in Italy and then wore out the marble steps leading to the top. Now they say that marble wears away when enough weight is put on it, but it looks like it’s also melting away.

#5. Here’s a visual of how time and friction managed to wear out this collection of copper coins.

Every time a coin’s surface is touched, a tiny portion of the surface is rubbed away. Over time, friction with other metal items like pocket knives, vending machines and corrosives rub away the entire design.

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