By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Meet The Cat Who’s Always Worried And Prepare To Fall Instantly In Love.

For the most part, cats seem generally unbothered with even the most dramatic of events, preferring instead to purr quietly and scowl at you from the corner. However, this little guy is perpetually worried about literally everything -- or at least, he looks like he is.

His name is Bum, and he was brought to the San Diego Humane Society when he was just a kitten. His eyes are a bit peculiar, but they were enough to steal someone's heart: He was adopted at just four weeks old. See photos of the feline world's most nervous member below.

Here's Bum when he was just a kitten, starting a life full of perpetual worry.

Now he's all grown up, but he's still a fraidy-cat.

Bum would probably get along well with Sad Cat.

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