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14 First-Date Horror Stories That’ll Make You Glad You’re Single.

You might not be able to tell everything about a person on a first date but you can probably glean enough to tell whether or not you will be attracted to them. There are some awful first dates that have later turned into loving marriages but these are exceptions, clear outliers, as one bad date rarely leads to a second.

Here's a few fast facts. Over 40 percent of singles have searched someone's name on Google prior to the first date. Creepy? Yes. Surprising? Not so much. Similarly, more than 40 percent of people who had sex the night of the first date regretted it the next day, so if possible try to restrain yourself.

Ever been on a date where the conversation suddenly went dead? Be sure not to bring up past relationships as it's the top conversation killer. Diet or body image come in a close second.

The good news is that you aren't the only one who's had nightmarish first dates. Read about some of the worst ones we've ever heard below.

Date with a Lush

'A few years ago I went out with this girl I had met on OKCupid. She was already drunk when she showed up 45 minutes late,' Dominque told Thought Catalog.

'She was falling all over me and I knew we were about to get tossed out of the restaurant so I suggested we go to my house to order food. There was no way she could be in public.'

'On the way to my place she kept saying she would have sex with me without a condom. There was just something about her stressing that I didn’t have to wear a condom that really creeped me out so I got her some water once we got to my place and called her a cab. It was a complete disaster.'

We hope she got whatever help she needed. Some folks have a sip of alcohol to calm their nerves but enough is enough.

Date with a Lush

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Blindsided on a Blind Date

A young woman agreed to a blind date only to find out her perfect match was her ex. Their mutual friend had no idea that they dated and ended on bad terms. That was the first and last blind date for her.

Blindsided on a Blind Date

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Obsessed With Himself and His Ex

'He talked about himself all through dinner, then drove me around to show me where all his ex gfs lived. #truestory,' @KimberleyD80 tweeted.

Obsessed With Himself and His Ex

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'I'll Just Wait Right Here.'

Redditor Matchotamium has seen it all. 'Wasn't necessarily the date, which was bad on its own,' he wrote. 'But the fact that she hung out in my parking lot for two hours after she dropped me off in case I changed my mind about doing something after dinner.'

'I'll Just Wait Right Here.'

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Pretty Smart For a Girl

If anyone ever tells you, 'It's so cute that you're pursuing an education even though you're a girl,' dump them immediately. That's exactly what one horrified woman did.

Pretty Smart For a Girl

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