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The 20 Worst Gifts You Can Possibly Get Someone For Christmas.

#6. From the Aunt Who Shouldn't Be Multitasking

There are some people who can handle a million things at once. They're absolute superstars. And then there are people like this.

From the Aunt Who Shouldn't Be Multitasking

swirlingmystic / Reddit

#7. For the Sock Lover

The older you get, the more appreciative you are when receiving socks at Christmas. This girl hasn't reached that point yet.

For the Sock Lover

Political partygirl / Reddit

#8. From the Trolls

Somehow we think that there's an inside joke that this recipient doesn't know about. Come on, Snakes on a Plane themed gifts twice in a row?

From the Trolls

Tarkoon / Reddit

#9. From That Aunt

There's always someone in the family isn't quite there. For the most part, we can forgive them. Sometimes, there just aren't any words.

From That Aunt

datcat2 / Reddit

#10. From Dirty Daddy

When you're in a relationship with someone, you're also in a relationship with their family. Sometimes, they can get a little too close for comfort.

From Dirty Daddy

stilesja / Reddit

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