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The World’s 20 Worst Jobs… Spare A Moment To Feel Bad For #15.

Maybe your job is painfully boring and the most exciting thing about your day is going to lunch or better yet, going home. Or maybe your boss expects too much from you but still underpays you, even though you asked for and totally deserve a raise.

There are few people that I know personally that love what they do and get paid an appropriate amount. The ones that aren't so lucky, however, are still grateful to be employed. If you really just can't stand it anymore, it might be time to start looking for another job.

You know how they say 'There's a job for everyone'? Well, there really is! If you love challenges and are looking to really push yourself to the limit, consider some of the options below. Who know? Maybe in your search you'll discover that the job you're currently at isn't so bad after all.

On a serious note, we have to give mad respect to the people who do commit themselves to these jobs. Someone has to do it.

#1. Portable Toilet Cleaner

How do you clean a porta potty? You use a tank and a vaccum wand to collect everything from the potty. You're looking at 10-60 portable toilets per day. If you can stand it, you might be able to earn up to 50k annually.

Portable Toilet Cleaner

#2. Bicycle Brick Carrier

If you live in a rural area and don't always have access to cars or trucks, then you might find work as a bicycle brick carrier. We've also seen men and women balance bricks on their heads for the job.

Bicycle Brick Carrier

#3. Sumo Uniform Adjuster

We're not sure about the details or legality of this young worker. We vote this job to be designated to all the bullies that gave out wedgies growing up. It would be the perfect karma.

Sumo Uniform Adjuster

#4. Horse Semen Collector

We all know how valuable horses can be, especially when it comes to racing. Here's a horse semen collector collecting the goods. Depending on the breed, some folks are willing to pay thousands of dollars for it, some up to 20k.

Horse Semen Collector

#5. Dildo Maker

Consider yourself a master of pleasure? Do you really? Why not work at a dildo factory? Heard this job is ideal for hard workers.

Dildo Maker

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