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People Who Put ZERO Effort Into Wrapping Your Christmas Gift.

There are some of us that believe that there is an art to wrapping presents. We can't wait to clear the table and unroll a beautiful sheet of wrapping paper onto it. We have special kinds of wrapping paper, double-sided tape, and complementary ribbon. We turn on some Christmas music and begin working like Santa's self-appointed elves.

I've had experience in retail, where presentation is just as important as the contents. I've come to enjoy wrapping and usually wrap most of my family's presents. My mother also loves organizing and decorating, so it's something we can enjoy together.

But not everyone loves gift wrapping. There are many reasons for this. They might not have enough time, so wrapping becomes a nuisance. Or maybe they just never learned how to do it the proper way, so they end up with under or over estimating how much wrapping a gift will need

Check out some of the worst, or most creative (depending on how your perspective), wrapping jobs we've ever seen. Have some similar examples? Share them with us!

#1. Question of the day: corn or flour?

We're not sure what's inside here but it's probably not what we really wanted — a California burrito.

Question of the day: corn or flour?

ZackQuinnn / Twitter

#2. This person probably ran out of gift wrap.

Think of all those presents that didn't get a bow because this one decided to hog the whole bag. Let's just hope that the residue doesn't ruin the experience.

This person probably ran out of gift wrap.

chlomirfin / Twitter

#3. This one's got cooties.

Even if these are initials, we would've advised against using them, you know, for obvious reasons.

This one's got cooties.

mermaidpxm / Twitter

#4. When keeping the box would've been a good idea...

No matter how much gift wrap you'd waste, it's much better than inadvertently exciting or offending your mother with a present that looks like a giant dildo.

When keeping the box would've been a good idea...

#5. Cute snowman, soft tissue?

This person was coming from a good place. They wanted to add that extra touch, but they really shouldn't have.

Cute snowman, soft tissue?

ictlisa / Twitter

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