By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

25 Photos That Only People Who Are Total Neat-Freaks Will Understand.

What's better than a pile of fresh veggies, a mound of deliciously frosted donuts, or a gigantic heap of seasonal fruit?

How about all of those things, but organized into straight lines that will have the compulsive arranger that lives inside of you weeping with joy?

These photos are the work of Seattle-based food photographer Brittany Wright. Wright's work isn't inspired by her incessant need to organize, but rather her love of food. Here's what she had to say about her work on her website:

I’m working on my life goal of teaching myself how to cook everything and anything. I enjoy the science behind cooking and experimenting with flavors. I see food as an art, and an opportunity to do something creative.

Clearly, Wright noticed how wonderfully and symmetrically satisfying food can be, so she grabbed her camera and started shooting. Her photos are bright, fun, and pleasantly ordered - You couldn't ask for much more from a photograph - or your refrigerator.

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