Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

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Don't Feel Like Putting Up A Traditional Christmas Tree? Try These Instead.

Just because traditional Christmas trees are gorgeous, doesn't mean your holiday decorations have to look like everybody else's. You can upcycle, modify, chop, and paint, and come up with your own Christmas tree this Christmas. After all, not everyone wants to "Martha Stewart" their way through life, right? So this year, get inspired by these uber creative Christmas trees that are anything but basic. Some of them are pretty clever while others are the embodiment of lazy. A few of them are pretty weird, but most of them are totally #ChristmasTreeGoals. But who are we to judge? We'll leave that up to you!

#1. An Imgur used set up a "cat-proof" Christmas tree he believes his cat will have a hard time knocking down.

But we're kind of wondering if he's a new cat owner. Otherwise, he'd know that nothing in this life is cat-proof. Nothing.

#2. This guy's lab had the most creative tree in the history of work office decorations.

They could've just hung some francium, californium, and carbon, (the most expensive elements in the world) and they would've had the most precious chemistree!

#3. This folk's family designed a binary Christmas tree where the numbers say "Christmas Tree" in binary.

Somehow, we can't help but imagine a family of turtleneck-loving nerds smiling at their marvelous creation.

#4. A soldier made his very own Christmas tree while he was deployed, and it brought a lot of joy.

But seriously though, this is what Christmas in " Mad Max" would look like if Imperator Furiosa and Max Rockatansky decided to get into the Christmas spirit.

#5. Here's the type of spooky Christmas tree you'd expect to see at Ted Bundy's house.

Two handsaws turned into a Christmas tree, because Leatherface and his family also have a right to celebrate Christmas in their own creepy way.

Here's the type of spooky Christmas tree you'd expect to see at Ted Bundy's house.

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