Camila VillafaƱe

By Camila VillafaƱe

LifeBuzz Staff

Don't Feel Like Putting Up A Traditional Christmas Tree? Try These Instead.

#6. This tree was put up at their local sheriff's office. Evidently, this tree is going nowhere!

Green lives matter too! At least loosen up the handcuffs, man, the cuffs are too tight!

#7. This portal tree people set up at the office is messing with our heads!

We bet everyone there is hoping the portal actually takes them far, far away from the office!

#8. This Christmas tree was put up at someone's local art center but it kind of looks like something Banksy would've put together.

And some people have the nerve to say that modern art is trash!

#9. A bunch of IT folks at a tech company put up a tree that's equal parts brilliant and equal parts lazy.

The decorations might be missing, but no one has lost their sense of humor at this office, that's for sure.

#10. Somewhere out there, there's a 14-year old teen with extra black eyeliner and a Jack Skellington hoodie saying, "Wooow, cool."

This Christmas tree is going through an emo phase okay?

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