By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Ship SINKS Itself So That It Can Do Something Insanely Clever.

You may think yachts get to exotic locations like the Mediterranean or the Pacific Ocean by being constantly on the water. Although they are designed to take people to their desired marine adventures, these boats take a toll on its machinery, maintenance, and gas. Massive cargo ships are in charge of transporting these luxurious toys enjoyed by the rich and famous, to their new locations.

These giant vessels are designed to be semi-submersible, allowing for the yachts to seamlessly float-on and float-off. This clip shows an aerial view of nine yachts of varying sizes being loaded into the floating marina, the Super Servant 4.

This loading yacht cargo took place off the coast of Le Marin, Martinique in the Caribbean. We are assuming they are travelling somewhere just as warm and exotic as this tropical paradise.

Source: YachtTransport