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24 Of The Funniest Yearbook Quotes… I’m Surprised They Published #9.

Ah, the high school yearbook. The perfect place to leave your legacy in the form of your photo and an inspiring quote -- or, if you're a kid in 2016, something totally hilarious.

These yearbook quotes had us cracking up (and wishing we'd done something so clever in our own). From sly innuendos to straight up telling it like it is, today's graduates have a bright futures -- bright comedic futures, at least. Check them out below, and learn why #7 is our hero.



#2. In fact, her entire family has been Ho'in.

In fact, her entire family has been Ho'in.

#3. Sums it up.

Sums it up.

#4. Emojis in the yearbook: Life goal unlocked.

#5. Someone help him.

Someone help him.

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