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Two Friends Wondered ‘What Would Kayne And Kim Wear’ Hilarity Ensued…

Everything about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West somehow manages to go viral, from their outfits to their off-the-wall statements to their photos of their adorable kids. It makes sense, given their tendency to outdo themselves, that even people attempting to BE them would outdo themselves.

Take, for instance, these two young women. They have made themselves social media stars by trying to emulate Kimye, and they're killing the Instagram game by doing so. Their names are Kathleen Lee and Katie Burroughs, and they started the blog What Would Yeezus Wear in an effort to recreate the couple's best and most iconic looks.

"We're both inspired by creativity, originality, and style," Burroughs said in an interview. "We started this because we thought it was funny and it gave us a creative outlet."

Burroughs and Lee focus on some of the more outrageous and coordinated outfits that Kimye wears, and they make up the full looks nearly on the spot.

And it's more than just for laughs, too. For the pair, it's a way to creatively examine how pop culture interacts with social media.

"I truly love pop culture and 'Internetting' as a study in human psychology, so Kimye is the perfect case study in celebrity and how the public treats that," Lee explained.

Sometimes, it's all about solo Kanye looks instead of the couple together. She nailed this ice cream shot perfectly, don't you think?

And let's not forget, North West is already a fashion icon in her own right. Her looks demand to be recreated as well.

To check out more of these Kimye recreations, head over to the What Would Yeezus Wear Instagram page.

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