By Sheyla

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This Yoga Instructor Has An Unusual Partner, But Her Balance Is PERFECT.

Yoga for the most part is a solitary practice. You may be in a room full of people, but you are on your own when it comes to the poses. Except for yoga instructor Rachel Brathen, she has a little helper in the form of a goat named Penny Lane.

The adorable, black goat will jump, climb, and walk over the Swedish-born woman while she maintains her focus on this ancient art. Penny Lane is a rescue and was a Christmas gift from Brathen’s husband last year. And now Penny is an Instagram darling with more than 39,000 followers; maybe they are all taking yoga tips from Penny.

Rachel Brathen lives in Aruba where she posts photos of her yogi life with her pal Penny.

Penny Lane loves crow pose.

Brathen is a popular yogi and best-selling author but it's her goat Penny Lane who seems to be stealing the spotlight lately.

Brathen getting her morning yoga in with Penny and her friend's baby.

Have you seen goats in pajamas?

Source: yoga_girl