By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Shelter Cats Were Invited To A Yoga Class To Help Them Find A Home.

It may not seem like cats and yoga have anything in common, but the truth is, both can be incredibly therapeutic for human beings. Officially, cats are sometimes used as therapy for those in nursing homes: The company of a cat is said to lift the spirits. Unofficially, well, there's nothing nicer than coming home to a purring ball of fur after a long day. The benefits of yoga are well-known as well: An hour or two at the studio will have your body in total relaxation mode.

But what if you combined the two, and had a place where people could interact with friendly cats and get their yoga on? Well, then you would have an amazing collaboration like this.

Homeward Bound, a no kill pet shelter in Illinois, teamed up with a local yoga studio, Yoga at Connie's, for a special cat-attended yoga class.

All of the cats at the class were adoptable, and the students were encouraged to hang out with them during their hour of yoga and potentially give one of the cats a forever home.

According to the people at Homeward Bound and Connie's, the results of this experiment were nothing short of amazing.

Six adoptable cats roamed the studio during the class, snuggling with the students and accepting as much petting as they could handle.

Some of the cats were even really active during the class, making it a fun experience for the participants.

All of the cats invited to the studio were adults, and that was no accident. Often, adult cats can get overlooked when people adopt, because many people prefer kittens. Older cats are calmer, which made them a perfect fit for the participants in this yoga class.

According to the studio owners, the cats seemed to want to participate when the humans began exercising.

Clearly, senior cats and yoga students make excellent pals.

The studio was also able to raise over $500 for the shelter, just from the proceeds of this one class. One of the cats was even adopted afterwards.

"I felt so blessed to have the chance to do this," said yoga teacher Connie Pease. "We had to step back and just say 'wow.' "I don't charge enough for yoga. To me it's not about money, because I like helping people. But now that I can help animals become adopted, that's a whole different world for me."

Here's an awesome compilation video of pets interrupting yoga.

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