By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

She Exposes The Ridiculous Poses In Fashion Magazines By Showing Them In Real Life.

When it comes to professional modeling, posing is a lot harder than it looks. Of course, the hard part isn't being dressed up in thousands of dollars worth of designer clothing. However, it's actually quite difficult to pull of high-fashion poses, which many models have to do for hours on end.

Fashion poses are meant to contort and exert the body in ways that actual people don't ever have to move. The end game is to get the most fantastical shot possible, as well as show of the clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Yolanda Domínguez wanted to be a model her entire life - that is, until she realized how harmful fashion imagery can be on a person's psyche. Her photo project, "Poses" is a criticism of fashion photography and how far from reality it actually is. Check out Domínguez's photos and explanatory video below.

Could you pull off any of these poses?

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