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Peek Inside Japanese Artist’s Cedar Home, You Can Almost Smell The Wood.

It came about in 2016.

The 2016 event, Kenya Hara's House Vision, is where the building was initially created. The show is an exhibition for community led projects to boost the economies of small towns.

The area is beautiful but in trouble.

The small town has an aging population that is growing smaller by the day. It is hoped that with this project the area will get an influx of younger generations.

The A frame allows natural light to flow in.

It's designed so the light from outside comes in the through the A frame at the top of the building. The light floods the inside giving everyone plenty to see.

Locals took part in the design.

They wanted it to have uncluttered, simple rooms and they also wanted unfiltered, natural light inside. The design is almost flawless in terms of giving them what they wanted.

It's located right on theYoshino River.

That allowed builders plenty of warm hued cedar planks to choose from for building. The patterns from them are said to create a peaceful, calming atmosphere.

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