By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Funny Twitter Account Matches You To Your Dog Twin… And It’s Hilarious.

We all have a twin out there, an individual who resembles us so closely, it makes us question if we were separated at birth. Although, your doppelgänger may not be human after all. The Twitter account YouAreDogNow is encouraging users to submit a photo of themselves and the “simple college dog” will find your canine look-alike.

The hilarious match-ups mirror the same facial expressions like those of President Barack Obama, Jennifer Lawrence, and Chris Pratt. For some humans, it may not be physical similarity but rather the activities that are the same like drinking Starbucks or going for a swim.

For those wanting to know what they would look like as a pup, patience is key. The site launched this month with over 36,000 followers and is asking humans to be hang tight while they find everyone’s missing canine twin.

Next, animals and their stuffed doppelgängers.

Source: YouAreDogNow