By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Momma Elephant Gave Birth… The INSTANT I Saw The Photos I Was Smitten.

Today is a cause for celebration at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand: A new calf was born, and mother and baby are both doing well.

The calf is female, born to mom Dok Ngern. As is customary with elephants, there are several other adults watching over the baby during these early days, and the little gal is taking to her mother's milk quite well. The staff have decided to name her Dok Rak, which means "the flower of love." See photos of the adorable new calf below.

Here's Dok Rak just after being born.

She's had no problems feeding, and looks completely healthy.

Usually, elephant moms will elect a "nanny" for their calf, meaning some other elephant to act as second in command in child-rearing.

Mom chose this elephant, Mae Sri Nuan, to help watch over little Dok Rak.

Welcome to the world, Dok Rak!

Source: Lek Chailert