By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Child Dressed As Batman Saved Baby From A Scorching Hot Car.

Most kids love to pretend to be superheroes and crimefighters. Once they don a cape and a mask, they will jump into action and rescue their toys or a house pet in danger.

However, five-year-old Zavi Ahmed became a real-life hero when he saved a baby’s life. One-year-old Iris Adamski accidentally got locked inside her grandparents’ car while buckled into her car seat on a very hot day. The vehicle’s doors automatically locked with the keys still inside.

Police officers were able to smash the car's rear window but were still unable to get the door open given the narrow space. Ahmed, who was dressed as Batman at the time, volunteered to crawl through the small window and retrieve the car keys. His successful mission saved a baby in a very dangerous situation. This story goes to show heroes come in all sizes.

Sources: Jamie Dean, Cover image