By Haris

LifeBuzz Staff

They Quit Their Job To Make Millions On YouTube.

#7. TheFineBros

Benny and Rafi Fine are famous for creating the popular 'React' series. They record kids, teens, and elderly people as they react to various subjects. Their estimated yearly income is $239,000-$2.41 million. They have 7.85 million subscribers, and 1.41billion views.

#8. TheWillyRex

Guillermo Diaz is a YouTuber from Madrid, Spain who became famous for his gameplay commentary for Call Of Duty and Grand Theft Auto V. He quit school, to create YouTube videos full time. It sure paid off for him. His estimated yearly income is $231,000-$2.31million. He has 6.95 million subscribers, and 1.03 billion views.

#9. PrankvsPrank

Jesse Wellens filmed his girlfriend eating a spoonful of cinnamon. The video of that incident ended up going viral. As revenge Jenna smacked Jesse across the head with a pan. Shortly after PranksvsPrank was born. The couple is currently fighting a intense prank war. Their estimated yearly income is $223,000-$2.26. They have 7.70 million subscribers and 1.31 billion views.

#10. TobyTurner

Toby Turner is one of YouTube's biggest comedians. He has been creating funny videos since 2006. Today, he runs 3 channels. His estimated yearly income is $226,000-$2.18 million. He has a total of 13.96 million subscribers and 2.87 billion views.

#11. TheDiamondMinecart

Daniel aka TheDiamondMinecraft is a popular Minecraft YouTuber. He recently got married to another popular Minecraft YouTuber by the name of JemPlaysMC. His estimated yearly income is $213,000-$2.15 million. He has 1.78 million subscribers and 372 million views.

#12. HolaSoyGerman

German Garmendia is a 23 year old YouTube sensation from Chile. He creates funny videos for his Spanish-speaking audience. His estimated yearly income is $210,000-$2.11 million. He has 18.86 million subscribers and 1.11 billion views.

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